Anterior Shoulder Pain Part 7: Fixing Rounded Shoulders

How do you fix shoulder pain? Are your shoulders rounded forward? These shoulder issues can affect the highest level athlete to someone who rarely workout. We discussed in the last post about keeping your shoulders back and good exercises for that. In this post we are going to talk strictly about the shoulder joint or glenohumeral joint. A key component to rounded shoulders is lack of internal rotation or getting the arm behind your lower back.  If you are able to get your arm behind your lower back, does your shoulder round forward? The object is to pull that shoulder back just like we pulled the scapulae back. Here are some exercises for this issue.

It sounds counterintuitive to work on internally rotating your shoulder but this muscle is in the best position to pull your actual shoulder joint back. The first exercise is rotator cuff self-massage, the second is stretching into IR and the third is actively internally rotating your rotator cuff.

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