Anterior Shoulder Pain Part 5: Push Up Test

As pain improved one exercise seem to set me back more than any other. That was the push-up. Since there was a pectoral injury, it is easy to see why push-ups and even dips would be painful.  Below is a push-up test for telling if there is an asymmetry or improper form in the push-up.



In the bottom of the push up position, I try to retract my scapulae to see how much play I have in the shoulders. I like to compare that to the other side. As you can see in this video there is slight rounding of my right shoulder. It might be hard to see, but I’m actively trying put the R shoulder in a good position at the bottom of the push-up.  I like to retract the scapulae and even think about pulling the scapulae down towards my back pocket.  

The pectorals are in a great position to keep us from retracting(bringing the shoulders together). Here is a picture to remind us how the pectorals can pull the shoulder forward.

As you can see the lower trap (on the second picture) on the other side of your body helps keep the shoulders from rounding forward. If the lower trap pulls, it stretches the chest muscles and puts them in a better position. Try squeezing your shoulder blades back and down right now . This is your lower trap. Can you feel the stretch in your chest? Can you feel your shoulders move back ? This is why I like to pull the scapulae back and down. If done right, keeping your shoulders in this retracted state, it will puts us in a better position for the push-up.

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