Anterior(Front) Shoulder Pain Part 2: Diagnosis

Anterior(front) shoulder pain part 2

There were a couple of test that were helpful for diagnosing pectoral tendinitis.  Some subjective complaints were reaching across the body and reaching behind for an object. Some other test that were helpful were resisted horizontal adduction as seen below. If you can’t tell I am trying to push the arm straight over to the side of the table.

horizontal adduction

The other tell tell sign was extending the shoulder behind you.  I came up with this test and it just might have been the most painful position besides the above test. Reach the shoulder back and place the hand on the hip like so. Apply resistance into your hip without allowing you shoulder to move.  If it is painful you might have a pectoral injury. As you can see it is much like a push up position.

pec test


Besides shoulder extension people will find active shoulder flexion to be painful as well.

Part 1 is found here Anterior Shoulder pain??

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