Why Blog ??

I think there a couple of reasons to start a blog

First, I am a horrible writer as anyone who really knows me will tell you.  English was always my least favorite class and I still cringe when I see an English teacher.  I could tell you stories in college of professors who even found my ROUGH DRAFT to be sub-par.  Yikes! Like most things why not try and improve at what you’re not good at.

Second, I think I have knowledge to share as much as the next blogger. I’m still not sure what I want this blog to be about but a lot of it will be my own experience and expertise with injury and prevention of injury.  Some of the information will be things I have learned with my own injuries.

Third I can’t have anybody stealing my name for their domain or .com. Hopefully I said that right in tech terms.

Fourth Professionally, this might be a way for people to get to know me as a physical therapist and see the experience I have gained over the years.

See I kept it short to make this writing thing easy on myself.